Home Renovation/Rear extension to this Semi-detached Home in Maroubra.

The original home was lacking natural light and space for a growing family, these were the two main objectives for the renovation works. Firstly the external elements like natural light and air-flow were to be considered and then also council rules/regulations in this semi-detached home where these elements can often be hard to find. Knowing the sun’s daily movements and the different directions of the breeze throughout the year were key elements of the design.

The Home now has an amazing use of space, natural light and the summer breeze flows right through. We have transformed it into a contemporary home really focusing on bringing the outdoors in, as the owners love spending most of their time outdoors, they wanted to feel like they were outside even when they were actually inside the home as much as possible.


Location: Storey St, Maroubra
Completed: 2016
Testimonial: Dave & Jessi


Amazing design, Fast build time, Very high level of finishes and exceeded all our expectations.

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